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Commentary on what parents should know about and can do to counteract common "nature deficit disorders" in our TV-watching, video game-playing children including encouraging a daily "Green Hour" of outside play and learning. A program of the National Wildlife Federation

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Outdoor Activities Down Among Young Adults

Beginning Sign of Nature Deficit?

The survey research firm of Roper has identified a fast-developing decline in outdoor activities among young adults ages 18-29. These include hiking, biking and other classic outdoor recreation pursuits. In a 2003 report, Roper identified the recent shift (compared to its 2001 and prior studies of outdoor recreation). The study also finds an increase in the use of "electronics" in leisure-time. People aged 30 to 44 (25%) and aged 45 to 59 (22%) are more likely to be "frequent" recreators than the 18-29 group (19%) -- this is a first. The researched was commissioned by the American Recreation Coalition and is part of a series that can be viewed at

Making sure our kids are getting more time outside -- a green hour (av.) per day -- is also key to later adult outdoor activity habits.

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