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Commentary on what parents should know about and can do to counteract common "nature deficit disorders" in our TV-watching, video game-playing children including encouraging a daily "Green Hour" of outside play and learning. A program of the National Wildlife Federation

Monday, August 15, 2005


One Backyard at a Time

Our Green Hour Program is about nature that is easily accessible to children and families. Let's try to get outside an hour a day in a green space of your choice starting close-to-home. Recently Discovery's Animal Planet teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation on a new TV series called Backyard Habitat. It premiered today and is another example of how the electonic media can be a good thing when it encourages people to get outside in green spaces and be more active. Backyard Habitat will air each weekday through September. It supports the simple idea that every home-owner and apartment dweller can create a "backyard" wildlife habtitat. It can be large-scale or it can be as tiny as a few potted plants, a feeder and a bird bath on a balcony in the city. The main idea is we need to keep finding ways to connect with nature and to help others do so even if it is just through one backyard at a time.

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